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I work with a diverse range of clients of all ages, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations. I treat individuals suffering from a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, life transitions, lack of self esteem and motivation, developmental trauma, OCD and grief.

I have helped numerous couples reduce conflict, develop more effective communication skills and emotionally reconnect with each other. I help couples improve their ability to understand each partner's experience and perspective resulting in a more secure and vibrant relationship.

I have experience working with a variety of families with diverse structures and dynamics. I have helped families successfully navigate disconnection and relational conflict, as well as separation, divorce and blended family adjustments. 

My extensive background in early education and child development has enabled me to help parents navigate the ever changing challenges of parenting.  While providing support, I give parents practical tools to help them effectively make adjustments in the way they relate to their children leading to a reduction in conflict and increase in family harmony.

My 20+ year background in early education has given me the ability to quickly connect and develop a rapport with children of all ages. I provide a judgement free space where kids feel safe to open up and explore their feelings. I help children and teens formulate new ways of thinking and coping which gives them important tools to successfully navigate stress, anxiety, family and peer relationships and academic demands.

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