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Family TX

Even the happiest of families hit speed bumps along the way. Every family experiences difficulty navigating life stressors and transitions.  The family unit functions as a system and the behavior of each person has a direct impact on the family's functioning. As individual members change and evolve, tension can rise leading to conflict and feelings of disconnection. Families can get caught in a negative cycle of relating which leaves individual members feeling invalidated, devalued and misunderstood.

Therapy can help break this negative cycle and restore a family to health and harmony. Therapy sessions work to give each individual member a safe and judgement free space to express their feelings, perspective and concerns while assisting family members in developing more effective and constructive communication skills. Family members learn to engage each other on a deeper more authentic level which reduces defensiveness, conflict, anger and resentment, allowing them to gain greater insight into each individual's experience. Even small adjustments in communication style can result in significant overall improvement in the well being and balance of the family as a whole.



I have worked with a variety of families with diverse structures, dynamics and issues. I have helped families navigate:

  • Separation, divorce, or blended family adjustments

  • Disconnection and relational conflict

  • Behavioral concerns

  • Grief and loss

  • Substance abuse and recovery issues

  • Physical and intellectual disabilities and chronic illness

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