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Parenting Support Groups

After 'Mommy and Me'.......

Support for Parents of School Aged Children

You've made it through the rocky terrain of infancy and toddlerhood. You've survived constant sleep deprivation, feeding on demand, endless diaper changes. daily crying fits and tantrums. Finally your child has entered school and you've been able to regain at least a part of your former self, or so you'd hoped. As I imagine you've already discovered, parenting a child at any age is all encompassing. The need for parenting support doesn't end at preschool.

As a psychotherapist, I have worked with numerous parents and families to help them navigate the ever changing challenges of raising children. In my private practice, I realized there was a need for ongoing group support for parents with kids of various ages and developmental stages. To fill this need, I've created a series of weekly support groups that offer parents a comfortable place to discuss whatever issues they may be struggling with, while also providing them with helpful information about child development and effective parenting strategies. In each group I combine my clinical psychological training with my extensive childhood development background to give parents needed support and reassurance and as well as practical parenting tools to address the difficulties they are currently experiencing.


Parents are grouped by child's age and developmental stage, and groups meet once a week in my office for 90 minutes. Each group is limited to seven participants and I have morning and evening groups to accommodate various schedules. The cost of each session is $50.00 paid monthly by cash, check or credit card.

The format of the group generally begins with a check-in so each member has an opportunity to briefly discuss any current troubling issues they are experiencing. This is followed by a main topic of interest and then questions and discussion. The group is designed to combine concrete parenting help and information with the support and camaraderie that comes from gathering together with others experiencing similar struggles. 


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