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Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs we will ever face. Parenting is complex, and most of us don’t get adequate support, much less training, for navigating our children’s various developmental stages. I am often told by parents, "Nobody told me it would be this hard!" The endless demands placed on us as parents combined with life and career stresses can leave us depleted and emotionally exhausted. When we feel tired and overwhelmed our patience evaporates and our frustration can lead us into a power struggle with our kids.  We can get trapped in a negative cycle of arguing about the same issues over and over again. This pattern leads to further frustration and conflict which inhibits our ability to effectively parent and ultimately enjoy a fulfilling relationship with our children.


Parent coaching focuses on providing support to parents and giving them practical tools to successfully navigate the minefield of parenting. As well as being a licensed therapist, I have an extensive background in childhood development and parent education. I have worked with numerous parents to help them develop strategies that meet the unique challenges of their family. I help parents learn how to work together to make adjustments in the way they relate to their children leading to a dramatic reduction in conflict and increase in family harmony and enjoyment. 

I work with parents in my office as well as scheduling in-home visits when appropriate. We will formulate specific goals and behavior modification strategies tailored to your family's needs. Once the treatment plan is successfully implemented, I will do follow-up phone consultations to answer the questions you may have and help you maintain the progress and benefits you have achieved.

I have helped parents with children of all ages successfully resolve problematic issues involving: 

  • Transitioning to parenthood and infant sleep difficulties

  • Preparing children for separation, divorce or remarriage

  • Blending families and step-parenting

  • Sleep and bedtime resistance

  • Separation anxiety

  • Meal time battles

  • Tantrums and power struggles

  • Sibling conflicts

  • Parenting multiples

  • Oppositional and aggressive behavior

  • Lack of cooperation and unresponsiveness

  • School and academic concerns

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